Unity Candle Wedding Ceremony

May 19th 2017 Posted by GlassMage

Unity Candles and Floating Unity Candles are extremely popular additions to the traditional wedding ceremonies in the United States. The unity candles are usually engraved with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and a symbol or inscription that symbolizes the love the couple has for each other.

Generally, it is performed with two lit taper candles, with the bride holding one candle, and the groom holding the other. The bride and groom use their candles to light the middle, white or ivory unity candle to symbolize the joining of two beings, two families into one unit. It symbolizes the union of two individual lives becoming one. Mostly, once the unity candle is lit, the two taper candles remain lit and are placed beside the middle unity candle, to symbolize that each person has not lost their individuality. In some cases, the taper candles are blown out, signifying that the newlyweds lives have been permanently merged.

It is customary to keep the unity candles as keepsakes after the wedding and relight them on anniversaries as a reminder that your lives have forever been merged into one. This tradition is similar to sand ceremonies, in that, they both are used to symbolize two individuals lives coming together through marriage.

Floating Unity Candles are a unique twist on the traditional unity candle. With the floating unity candle, the vase is filled with water and the candle floats at the top of the vase, allowing for the engraving on the vase to be displayed beautifully.

At GlassMage, each unity candle is hand engraved and comes with your choice of a white or ivory floating candle. Each vase is beautiful engraved with the bride and grooms name and graphic and inscription of your choice. GlassMage makes it easy to choose from one of their 37 graphics and 18 fonts. You can even contact us directly and we will use a custom graphic of your choice! GlassMage also offers a wide variety of custom personalized wedding favors and accessories to make your perfect day shine!

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