Spring Wedding Guide

May 19th 2017 Posted by GlassMage

Having a Spring wedding? This Spring there are so many out-of-the-box, unique ideas to make your wedding really stand out. Here is a guide to this Spring’s freshest ways to find essentials that will make your wedding uniquely you!

Cloud Parade

Shop and Design your own wedding on Cloud Parade! Shop by Color, Category, and Style! If you see things that you are dying to have for your own wedding, put them in a cloud. Clouds are places for you to store what you love and view it anytime you want! Need more inspiration for your wedding? You can also view other bride’s clouds and even customize and buy that cloud to fit your own wedding buy hit the “I want it all” tab!

Etsy Weddings

Etsy has everything you could possibly want for your wedding from veils, dresses and accessories to invitations, wedding favors, and decor! Have it all delivered right to your inbox by signing up for the Etsy Wedding Email! Plus, you can have a wedding registry in Etsy for vintage and homemade wedding gifts!


Lace is making a come back this Spring, with iconic wedding dress styles to fit every beautiful bride. It is showing up in appliqués, trims, and overlays. Here is a collection of gorgeous lace gowns: Brides.com
Sheer Overlays and Peplum skirts are also on their way back in. View the Top 10 Spring Wedding dress trends for 2013: The Knot

Wedding Snap

Get rid of those old throw away cameras you set on the table and step into the future of social wedding photography! 

Wedding Snap is an IPhone app that can be downloaded by your guests for real-time photo snapping (well, almost real-time! 5 minute delay for unwanted photos!) Once you sign up your wedding on the site, your guests will be able to upload an unlimited amount of photos and albums, be able to download the photos, and buy prints and even retouching.

Plants Instead of Flowers?

The hottest new trend for a Spring wedding is swapping your wedding flowers for plants! Putting flowers in your undo? Swap it for a gorgeously green Succulent plant! More ideas on how to swap your flowers for unique plants.

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