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How to Personalize Your Glassware

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Here at GlassMage, we want to make personalizing your glassware as easy as possible to help make your wedding planning easier!  We give you tons of font and graphic choices so that you can personalize your glassware to match your wedding theme perfectly.  Here is a guide to help you navigate our site quickly and easily!

Choose a Category

On the left side of this page and throughout the site, you will find categories of products we offer.  Simply click on a category of choice and you will be able to choose between a variety of glassware sure to fit your wedding and special occasion needs.  Our categories include Stemware, Unity Candles, Sand Unity Sets, Serveware, Specialty Items, and Additional Pouring Vases.

Choices, Choices! Personalize your Glassware

Once you have choosen a product, you can now personalize it anyway you choose!  To pick a font, click on the drop down box and select from our over 18 unique options!  Want to know what the font looks likpersonalize your glasswaree before you choose?  View all of the fonts on our Pick Your Font page!  Next, choose from one of our 37 graphics that will compliment your wedding theme.  When you pick a graphic, you will be able to see exactly what it looks like, as the main photo will change to show an example of each graphic!  Have a custom graphic?  Contact us before you buy!  Next, add a custom personalization! The personalization personalize your glasswarebox is where you are able to add any inscription you choose! Examples of inscriptions are: the bride and groom names and wedding date, or the names of the wedding party; a special quote; a Bible verse, etc.

Shopping Cart

Once you have completely customized your glassware, choose the quantity of glassware you wish to purchase and click add to cart.  This will automatically take you to your shopping cart for easy checkout!  Want to continue shopping? Simply click on a category to the left to continue your personalized glassware shopping experience!  Make sure to click onshopping cart- personalize your glassware “Calculate Shipping or Change Shipping Option” to choose your preferred shipping method!

We hope that this How-to will help make your shopping easier and your personalized glassware experience a memorable one!  If you have any questions on how to personalize your glassware, feel free to contact us! Happy Personalizing!

Wedding Planning Checklist

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Wedding planning checklistEvery bride knows how important it is to get every detail ironed out perfectly before her special wedding day.  What many brides do not know is, how to properly schedule all of these details and which details are important to take care of first.  Also, with the stress of planning the wedding, many wedding details can be overlooked unintentionally, cause more stress and anxiety for the bride-to-be.  With a wedding planning checklist, you can take some of that stress off the table!

We have comprised a wedding planning checklist to make your special day easier to plan!  Make sure that the cookies on your browser are enabled, so you can come back to the site and still have your checklist saved.  Also, make sure to bookmark this page, so you can find your checklist again easily!  You can also Print the checklist!

Wedding Checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Wedding Checklist”]

The Art of Engraving

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Using state-of-the-art materials and processes, the engraving on these items is done in the time-honored method of Deep Sandblast Etching, which in addition to being permanent, also gives you the Finest, Crispest text and images you can find anywhere, bar none! Personalization done with chemicals, inks, laser, or rotary engravers is Inferior By Far to the process we use, and we stand behind our work 100%. But it’s more than just the proper tools– it’s Craftsmanship!

Each piece is handcrafted, and great pride is taken in the quality of work in each and every engraving.  GlassMage can reproduce almost any black and white (2-color) image and incorporate it into a unique personalization for your glassware.  This includes highly detailed, accurate reproductions of clip art,  logos, drawings, or anything you can imagine.  Along with your image, GlassMage can also add the engraved glasswarenames of the bride and groom, groomsman, bridesmaid, wedding date, quotes, or anything you wish to add to the glassware that represents a long and happy marriage together!

I take great pride in my work, and especially enjoy making ‘one-of-a-kind’ pieces for my customers. The engraving I do on glass is done with a sandblast process which gives a depth and look not achievable with those hand-held ‘toys’ so many ‘hobbyists’ use. This process is more expensive to produce, but in the end, the look and feel of the final product is well worth it. If you’re looking for a professional job well done, you’ve come to the right place!

-John, GlassMageJohn engraving

GlassMage offers a wide range of glassware, wedding favors, and wedding accessories to fit your wedding and special occasion needs including Wedding Glasses, Cake Serving Sets, Unity Candles, Centerpieces, Mugs, and Sand Unity Sets The quality of each piece means you will be able to cherish it as a keepsake to remind you of your perfect wedding day and the love you and your spouse have for each other!

cala lily engraved glasses (Click to view enlarged, detailed image)

The Rising Popularity of a Sand Ceremony

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A sand ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two different-colored sands into a single vessel.  Two separate bottles of sand represent separate lives, families, and friends. It represents your lives before your wedding day and symbolizes the individual you are.

At the respective time during your wedding when you are ready to pour the sand into one vase, the groom pours a portion of his sand into the large vase.  The bride then pours a portion of her sand on top of the grooms sand.  Then, together, the bride and the groom pour the remaining sand into the large vase.  As the containers of sand are poured into the third container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one.  Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be, symbolizing “two become one”.

Sand unity sets are a beautiful alternative to the traditional unity candle, and are more versatile when used in outdoor settings and destination weddings.  Sand unity sets are a chic and sentimental way of showing your love and the life you plan to live together.  They can be used as a symbolic centerpiece in your home after the wedding.

GlassMage offers a wide variety of Sand Unity Sets sure to fit the theme of your weddings.  Each set comes with two small pouring vases and one large center vase.  Sand is easily purchases at a craft store of your choice so that you can customize the look and colors of the sand to match your wedding colors and theme.  Each vase is beautiful engraved with the bride and grooms name and graphic and inscription of your choice.  GlassMage makes it easy to choose from one of their 37 graphics and 18 fonts.  You can even contact us directly and we will use a custom graphic of your choice!  GlassMage also offers a wide variety of custom personalized wedding favors and accessories to make your perfect day shine!

Sand Unity Sets make a beautiful addition to any wedding for a symbolic joining of two lives.

Eco-Friendly Honeymoons

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Take a Train, not a Plane! 

Reduce your carbon footprint and take the train to your honeymoon destination!  There are no rules that demand you jump on a crowded airplane, plus riding on a train could be more romantic than you think!  There are trains that will take you anywhere you want to go!  Want to take the train, but don’t know where to start?  Travelocity has got your back! http://www.travelocity.com/Rail

Stay in Eco-Friendly Lodges

Maho Bay– St. John, US Virgin Islands is a well known eco-friendly resort.  They provide environmental sensitive, but comfortable settings.  They even have a “Trash to Treasure” gift shop and eco-friendly classes, like glass, ceramic, and paper classes.

The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa- Sonoma, California.  This resort boosts a “Green Partnership Program” that has won many green awards.  They show you that, although you are staying in a hotel, there are tons of eco-friendly things to do.  They can set you and your partner up on eco-friendly itineraries, green wedding packages, eco-cuisine, and even have eco-friendly checkouts (paperless) and free parking for hybrid cars.  Plus, they even get their employees and vendors involved with “Do not drive to work day” and consolidation of deliveries.  You can read more about their Green Program here: http://www.fairmont.com/sonoma/promotions/greenpartnership/

Eat Local or Organic Food

Whether you are traveling somewhere in the United States or somewhere aboard, make sure to pick restaurants that have local fare.  Or, if your room has a kitchen to cook in, go to the local market and pick up locally grown produce and meats.  You may have to do some research on where to eat or you can go down to the concierge desk and ask them to make recommendations and reservations!  Remember, they are local, so you can trust their opinions!

Buy Local

Explore the city that you decided to take your honeymoon!  Get out of the hotel or resort and walk around!  There are so many things to see and do that do not cost a thing.  Plus, if you are walking, you will reduce your carbon footprint once more by not driving a car.  Visit local shops and markets, buy gifts and novelties from local shop owners.

For more information on ways to have a eco-friendly honeymoon, visit some of these sites!


Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, you either love it or you hate it, but either way, gifts are always in order!  Gift giving is never an easy task on Valentine’s Day, because depending on how long you have been with your partner, the gift could have a big impact.

In a new relationship?  Save the big, expensive gifts for another time.  This is the time to show the person you are with that you care about them and want to get them something meaningful and special.  Long-term relationship deserve the same care, but you can definitely spend more and give grander gifts the longer you have been with your partner.  Here are few unique Valentine’s Day gifts for every stage of your relationship!

Acts of Service

These could be anything from a promise to do the dishes, to cooking a romantic dinner for two.  These gifts are free to give, but you have to fulfill the promise anytime the gift receiver wants to redeem the gift!  That is the fun part!  Need more ideas on the types of things you could promise to fulfill?

Love notes and tokens:

  • A handmade, old-fashioned valentine *bonus points for using doilies :)
  • A small container of “things I love about you”
  • A handwitten note or poem
  • A small booklet made with some of your favorite memories together
  • Hearts decorated with “I love you” in different languages posted all over
  • Homemade Valentine’s crossword puzzle (make your own here)
  • A valentine’s playlist for their iPod (you could match the number of songs to the date)

Acts of Service:

  • Shoulder rub or foot massage
  • Making the bed
  • Packing a special lunch (bonus points for heart-shaped things)
  • Cleaning up a bedroom, closet, or rooms around the house
  • Taking care of a nagging errand/task the other person has been meaning to (or needing to) get to
  • Polish their shoes
  • Changing a habit (I know one friend who promised to turn the lights off when she left the room for a week–her husband was so grateful)

Ideas from http://www.onelovelylife.com/?p=2483

Personalized Glassware 

Want something that is personalized and special for a certain someone?  Something that they can hold onto forever?  Why not get them a personalized mug?  You can personalize the mug to have there name and even a graphic that symbolizes your love for them, or a graphic of something they are interested in.  The possibilities are endless!  Here is a link to purchase personalized mugs: http://glassmage.com/product-category/mugs  If you have something unique that you would like to put on the glass mug, feel free to contact us before you buy!



Everyone loves to get jewelry on Valentine’s Day!  Women love diamonds!  Men, they love the watches!  If you can afford it, go big!  If not, how about customize made jewelry, made by none other than you!  Your partner will know you took the time to hand make a unique piece of jewelry just for them!  Here are some ideas on how to custom made your own jewelry: http://www.beaducation.com/


What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever gotten or given?

8 Green Wedding Favor Ideas

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Green weddings can be a great way to show your guests that you care about the environment.  From the food to the gown, the food to the gifts, everything at your wedding can be earth-friendly!  Here is a collection of 10 different wedding favors that your guests (and the ozone) are sure to love!

For Everyone at your Wedding

  • Start the green festivities at your reception with place card that are made with seed paper.  The guest can take their place card home and plant it directly into a pot or the ground!  So, not only are you eliminating paper waste from a traditional place card, you are providing your guest with a way to help the environment!
  • Instead of a gift or keepsake for the guest, make a small, charitable donation in the guests honor.  What a way to spread the love!
  • Give a plant!  Depending on what area you live in, a small plant could be the perfect wedding favor!  Tiny spruce trees, junipers, and herbs are easily transplanted, giving your guest a way to give back to the planet! Make sure to get the plants locally and have them in a biodegradable container!
  • Homemade Soy Candles are a great way to give your guests a gift that will keep their home smelling nice and also keep them away from harmful traditional paraffin candles that are made with petroleum.  Soy candles are fun and easy to make.  Soy candles burn cleanly and do not give off the harmful carcinogens.  Soy candles are also biodegradable and burn longer than traditional paraffin candles!


For the Bridal Party

For all the extra special people in your life, make sure to give them something a little more extravagant!

  • Organic skin care products can be a great way to show your bridal party how much you appreciate them.  These are all-natural and many of them do not have fragrance or dyes, which could irritate skin, making it a great gift for everyone!
  • Organic coffee and tea can not only delight your guests, but also help support local growers and fair trade!  Organic tea and coffee is free of heavy chemicals, something your guests will appreciate doing without!
  • Wine lovers unite!  Organic wine can make a great gift for every wine lover in your life!  These are made with organically grown grapes and have no added sulfates!
  • Recycled jewelry is a favorite wedding favor because it is not only beautiful, but it is also great for the environment.  It takes things that would normally be thrown away and gives them a new life!

Eco-friendly weddings and great wedding favors can be fun for you and guests and great for the environment!  Make sure to check the labels on everything you buy!  Beware of fakers!  Happy Wedding Day!

5 Affordable Must-Have Wedding Accessories

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Want the look of a lavish wedding without the over-priced wedding accessories?  Every bride deserves the day of her dreams, so we have complied a list of items that are sure to wow your guests and your wedding budget!

Affordable, Beautiful Wedding Jewelry

Feel like Elizabeth Taylor in this beautiful vintage set!  This necklace and earring set look just like the real thing at a 1/16 of the price!  The bride will be dripping with diamonds and platinum, and only she will know it is vintage inspired CZ!  You can find this set and many other beautiful sets at Affordable Elegance Bridal!

Elegant Themed Centerpieces

You can have the most beautiful centerpieces at affordable prices that match the theme of you wedding perfectly!  From beach theme to animal print, Favors By Serendipity have it all at amazing prices!  These mini lanterns are a perfect must-have accessory for that beach themed wedding centerpiece!

Gorgeous Hair Accessories

Want the perfect hair accessory that does not break the bank, but still looks like you paid a fortune?  Lovethebride.com has hundreds of veils, tiaras and hair combs at affordable prices!  You are sure to find one here that looks exactly like the pricey versions!

Cake Toppers

Want a memorable cake topper, but not into the traditional bride and groom toppers?  Look no further!  Veilubridal.com has rhinestone monogram cake toppers sure to put a lot of sparkle into your special wedding day!  Choose between one letter or up to three letters!

Personalized Wedding Glasses

Want a great way to remember your wedding for years to come?  Personalized Wedding Glasses from us at GlassMage give you the ability to pick a graphic image that best suits the theme of your wedding and have the bride and groom names and wedding date; all hand crafted on a beautiful pair of wedding flutes.  Order yours today!  Plus, GlassMage also engraves wedding cake server sets, heart-shaped sand unity sets, floating unity candles, mugs, and much more!

Stunning outdoor wedding

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Todd and Masha enjoyed a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at the Black Diamond Ranch in Florida. This February wedding, photographed by Mark Dickinson Photography, was soft and romantic, with a reception space draped in pink chiffon and bowls of  floating candles and roses. With blue skies and a stunning natural setting, what bride could ask for anything more romantic?

Reception Venue:  Black Diamond Ranch
Cinema and Video:  Keeka Productions Videography
Dress Store:  David’s Bridal
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  The Bridal House
Bridesmaid Dresses:  David’s Bridal
Officiant:  Sam’s Notary

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Looking for a few ways to help cut your wedding budget down? There are tons of ways to cut extras out of your wedding to help get you to your goal budget, but here are 5 easy and painless ways to get your to your goal!

Avoid the “Peak” Wedding Season

While a Spring wedding may feel like the perfect time of the year to get hitched, late summer and winter could be your best bet if you are on a budget.  When you book on the off-season, you can save up to 25% on the cost of the venue.  Plus, many hotels have off-season pricing as well, which means honeymoon savings!

Skip the Traditional Sit-Down Dinner

There are so many new and creative ways to serve food to your wedding guests now then ever before!  With the rise of Pinterest and DIY websites, it is even easier to come up with unique hors d’oeuvres and appetizers that will be both fun and filling!

Hire a DJ

Hiring a full band can cost up to three times as much as hiring just a DJ.  A DJ is just as great at getting your friends and family out on the dance floor!

Buy in Bulk

Those wedding favors you want for every guest, buy them in bulk!  Want your guests to still have alcohol and a champagne toast?  You can buy that in bulk too!  Buy wedding flowers that are in season and buy them in bulk!

Be Your Own Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners can cost in upwards of $4000 to plan a wedding. Again, with the rise of Pinterest, you can have all of your wedding ideas and plans in one place!  There are tons of wedding blogs that can give you great, budget-friendly ideas to use for your wedding. Plus, your Maid of Honor can help with part of the planning as well!

Follow these few easy tips for a good head start on planning the wedding of your dreams on a budget!

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New Fonts for Etched Personalized Glassware!

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We have added 3 new fonts for you to choose from!  Use any of these fonts for your perfect wedding day or special occasion etched personalized glassware piece!  Get started now on customizing your very own personalized glassware!











GlassMage Releases New Website

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We are proud to announce that our website is live!  We know that brides are already bombarded with important wedding decisions and we wanted a site that would make customizing your wedding glasses and wedding accessories quick and easy!  We hope that you love our website as much as we do.

Please fell free to browse the site and see how easy it is to order your personalized etched wedding glassware from GlassMage!

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