'Glamping' Themed Weddings

May 19th 2017 Posted by GlassMage

A new wedding trend has emerged- ‘Glamping’! Glamping is a version of camping, grown-up camping to be exact, and is hitting the wedding circuit with force thanks to such social organization sites as Pinterest and Lover.ly. Glamping is becoming a trend because of its flexibility as a wedding theme. Brides are using this idea to create amazing honeymoons and camping themed, outdoor weddings and receptions.

Glamping Themed Weddings

Outdoor weddings are becoming quite popular, especially after celebrities, like Matthew McConaughey, had breathtaking glamping style weddings recently. Glamping themed weddings are a great way to have an unforgettable wedding on a budget. Because almost everything can be DIY, many brides are utilizing family and friends’ creative skills to craft the wedding of their dreams. Glamping themes are also great for brides that would prefer a green, Eco-friendly wedding. Here are a few ways to create a glamping themed wedding:

  • Outdoor Style Invitations and “Camp Site” Maps
  • Trail Mix Favors for Your Guests
  • S’mores Bar
  • Picnic Bench Reception Tables
  • Rustic Camping Style Tablescapes
  • Upscale Camping Style Food (Gourmet Hamburgers, Fruit and Gourmet Cheeses, Picnic Baskets, Brown Bag Meals, etc..)
  • Handmade “Directional” Signs
  • Barn Ceremonies
  • ATV Rides from the Ceremony to the Reception

Glamping Themed Honeymoons

Camping with your new husband? This could be either incredibly romantic or an incredible disaster. Not to worry, there are a plethora of ways to make this type of honeymoon a complete success, not to mention the closeness you will feel to your new spouse! Pick an area where you feel you could get the most out of the time. A camping ground next to a lake, for example, could provide a wide range of couples activities. Don’t want to be completely secluded? Find a camping ground that has a clubhouse, and group activities like hiking on nature trails. Also, don’t forget your tent and sleeping bag!

The possibilities for glamping style weddings are truly up to your wildest imagination. If you love camping and want a wedding that is sure to be remembered and envied by your guests, then glamping themed weddings are the way to go!

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